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Barua Sagar


Located on the banks of Betwa River, Barua Sagar offers a delightful time to the visitors with its magnificient sceneries. This locale got its name from the beautiful lake Barua Sagar Tal, which is constructed by Raja Udit Singh. Another fascinating attraction is the famous bastion of Bundelkhand whose strategic location on the top of a hill protected the town from the besieging troops of the enemies. Made up of sandstone, this citadel houses the panoramic view of the reservoir of the Betwa Dam. Though in ruins this amazing citadel holds the attention of the visitors and it holds a large turn out of tourists all round the year.

Apart from its lovely surroundings, Barua Sagar is renowned as a famous holy spot since it holds the beautiful shrine dedicated to Durga. The temple that is popularly called as Jarai-ka-math dates back to 860 AD, and is a typical example of Pratihara architecture. The main shrine is surrounded by four smaller shrines on four corners and the wall of the shrines are embellished by erotic sculptures. In 1928, the ASI had enlisted the temple in the list of protected monuments.