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Dublar Char Island


Dublar Char, a beautiful island known for its picturesque scenes, is famous for fishing and is a place for fishermen with abundant of fish fauna. One can enjoy the fishing here and have a first hand experience of this fun filled activity.

The Island has all the natural beauty of any of the world renowned Islands. It is an attractive island where herds of spotted deer are often seen to graze. A casual walk around the Island provides the tourist with the chance of spotting many wild animals. With water all around and with lots of fish fauna, Dublar Char offers unique experience to the enthusiastic visitors.

Dublar Char Island comprises the southern part of Khulna district, which also forms the marginal part from the Bay of Bengal. On the eastern side of this island, River Passur flows, while on the western side River Shibsha. In addition, this island is known for its beautiful views.

Famous for fishing, it is one of the perfect places for fishermen as the entire area is abundant of fish fauna. Most of the fishing activities on this island take place from mid-October to mid-February every year. Fishermen from all over India travel to this destination especially from Chittagong, during this period. On the other hand, honey collection is also done on this island, for which the best time is between April and May. In addition, tourists can also spot herds of deer often grazing on this island along with several wild animals.