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Hiron Point (Nilkamal)


Hiron Point is a beautiful spot, great for spotting tigers and other spectacular and rare wildlife animals. Also known as Nilkamal, it is famous for tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles and many precious birds.

This place attracts many tourists owing to its natural beauty and innate splendor. This is a place to have a look at the rare species of wild animals and birds, to be noted in the diary of bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The visitors can get a comfortable stay in the three-storied Rest House of the Mongla Port Authority with prior booking.

Hiran point is located in the southern part of Sunderbans and Khulna district. Surrounded by water bodies from all the three sides, it is one of the popular attractions of Sunderbans. The Khulna Range lies in the north, the Orpan Gachia River lies to the west and the Poshur River in the east of Hiran Point.

Hiran Point, also known as Nilkamal, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sunderbans. It is a beautiful spot to catch a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tigers along with other rare wildlife animals. In addition, this point is also famous for deer, monkey, tigers and crocodiles as well as different species of birds.

The place entices tourists owing to its natural beauty and is an ideal location in Sunderbans for wildlife as well as bird lovers to spot the rare species. A three storey Rest House of Mongla Port Authority is also available, where tourists can plan their stay, however prior booking is required.