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Jami Masjid


This huge Mosque stands on high plinth and is adorned by imposing domes. A huge dome and minaret forms the center of this mosque which derives its inspiration from the great mosque of Damascus. The scale on which this mosque was built and the proportions of the building is just unimaginable. The number of bays and arrangements of pillars and arches, rows of domes above all make this mosque very pleasing in nature. Particularly from the central court is covered with huge colonades which makes it very fascinating.

Not far from the Hoshang's Tomb is the Jami Masjid, begun by Hoshang Shah but completed by Mahmud I. Considered the most majestic building in Mandu, it is modelled on the great Omayyed Mosque in Damascus.

It has a massive domed porch and elevated plinth projecting in the center, the background is decorated by similar striking domes with the overriding space filled with numerous domes. The court of this masjid is enclosed on all sides by huge colonnades.

An austere and stern structure, the mosque’s qibla wall has 17 niches with crenellations, the central one with Quranic inscriptions. Along the north side are two subsidiary entrances, one for the priests and the other for the zenana.

It is open daily 8:30 am - 5:30 pm.

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