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Luz Church (Church of Our Lady of Light)


Church of ‘Our Lady of Light', popularly known as Luz Church, is located in a tiny corner of Mylapore, in Chennai. The church, built by Franciscan missionaries from Portugal in honor of Mother Mary in 1516, is commonly known as ‘Kaatu Kovil' (Church located in a forest) amongst the local people.. It is the first church built in honor of 'Our Lady of Light' and is believed to be the oldest church in Chennai. The church, over the years had withstood the vagaries of time and human misadventures: it was damaged when Golconda forces occupied it in the 17th century; later Hyder Ali occupied it in the late 18th century. The East India Company also occupied Luz church for some time. The Luz Church is noteworthy for its old European ecclesiastical architecture. The arches in Gothic style and well-designed classical lines in European style, add to its beauty.