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Museum Theatre


Madras museum theatre, located at Egmore the busy place in Chennai, opened in 1896. Constructed by British in Indo-Saracen style, during the end of 19th century, the museum theatre is one of the grand structures. It is housed within the museum complex together with other distinguished structures like Old Public Library and the famous National Art Gallery. It is surrounded by the cannons captured or used by the British during the wars. This theatre has staged thousands of plays so far. It has watched stories come to life for more than a century. It has serviced the strong-minded theatre scene in Madras by the way of hosting plenty of actors, from simple persons with mere ambition to those with superb talents, from performers with a point to prove to clowns just for joke. Centuries of performances and Chennai's Museum Theatre still seems wonderful. It has grown old stylishly, with pleasant wrinkles making them contented with its facade as its walls lightly a relief of sigh. It is worth place to visit and view some brilliant stage performance.