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Rani Mahal


This was the palace of Rani Laxmibai. A fine collection of sculptures belonging to the period between 9th and 12th centuries A.D. has been housed here by the Archaeological Survey of India.

A former palace, now converted in to a museum, Rani Mahal boast of a rich history that arise the patriotic feeling of every Indian. Its highly decorated walls with exquisite paintings arrest the vision of the onlooker. The museum also has an extensive compilation of sculptures and paintings of 9th and 12th centuries.

Once served as the abode of Rani Lakshmi Bai, the palace is a double storied structure with flat roofs, arched chambers and open courtyards. This beautiful edifice of a past legacy encompasses six halls, with parallel verandas. The palace had witnessed one of the fierce battles of the freedom struggle in which 50 body guards of Rani were killed by the English Army. Apart from the Museum, Durbar Hall in the second floor is the only spot worthy for a watch. The ruthless British army demolished all other magnificient builds.