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Without dance, music and fairs and festivals, Rajasthan will be as dry as the sands. The fair and festivals adds the shades of dynamic colour at the backdrop of silvery sands. Most of the cities in Rajasthan have their own fairs and festivals. We have mentioned some of the major festivals.

There are animal fairs,there are religious fairs and there are fairs to mark the changing seasons. Infact,celebrations occur almost round the year and are a splendid opportunity for the visitor to gain an insight into the life of the Rajasthani. Other than the traditional fairs, recently established festivals which involve elephants, camel races, dance and music have been specially organised for the tourists.

Rajasthan Fairs

Apart from the famous monuments of Rajasthan, the other attractions of the state include a number of fairs. Rajasthan fairs bring to life an otherwise dull state. These festivities drown the bland state of Rajasthan in bright and magnificent colors. Fairs of Rajasthan reflect the sheer determination of Rajasthani people who, despite all odds, enjoy and celebrate life. Even the extreme weather and inhospitable climate do not deter them from appreciating and valuing the gift of life.

Fairs of Rajasthan, India bring to life the romance, faith and valor of the bygone era of the state. They help in keeping alive the traditions and culture of Rajasthan. All throughout the year these fairs attract hoards of tourists as well as the natives. Some of these fairs are held for religious purposes, some are organized for trading purposes and so on. However, one thing is common amongst all the fairs. And that is celebration with music and dances.

Rajasthan Festivals

Rajasthan Festivals are a symbol of the vivacious spirit of the people of the state. Numerous festivals fill up this dull state with bright colors. Living in the harsh and rough weather, the people of this dry and parched land find an outlet from their dreary lives in the form of the festivals of Rajasthan. They make the most of the few reasons they get to rejoice in life. So, they celebrate festivals for each and every reason, be it religious occasion or a change of season or ripening of a harvest.

Festivals in Rajasthan, India are celebrated with great pomp and show. Right from Hindu festivals to Muslim festivals, all are celebrated with equal enthusiasm. Folk music and dance is a feature of almost every festival in Rajasthan. The romance, chivalry, etc of the royal bygone era comes back to life through these festivals. Even the tourist department of Rajasthan keeps on introducing new festivals to display and exhibit the rich tradition of the state.