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West Bengal


West Bengal is considered to be one of the richest states in India, in terms of culture, tradition, fairs and festivals. The colorful festivals of the state are full of joyous ceremonies, abundant fun and mouth-watering cuisines. In Bengal, there is a festival for every season and every kind of celebration. There is a popular Bengali proverb, ‘Baro Mase Tero Parban’, which means 'thirteen festivals in twelve months'. This signifies the umpteen numbers of fairs and festivals that are celebrated in this state. These celebrations reflect the hearty and composite cultural culture of India.

Fairs and festivals form an inseparable part of the life of people in West Bengal. A Bengali calendar is embellished with celebrations throughout the year, with innumerable festivals for each season. Some of these festivals are celebrated with same passion and devotion throughout the state, while some are confined to a particular zone only, depending upon its mythological or cultural linkage. The festive moods of Bengali people reflect their liveliness and deep-sited belief in their cultural heritage.