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Barmer is a beautiful desert city, surrounded by Jaisalmer in the north, Jalore in the south, Pali and Jodhpur in the east and Pakistan in the west. It is part of the Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert. The name Barmer is derived from the ruler Bahada Rao or Bar Rao who is said to have founded the town in the 13th century. Initially called ‘Bahada-mer’ it was later shortened to Barmer.


Barmer was a beehive of activity till a few centuries ago, and a number of important kingdoms flourished at various times in the district during the medieval age. The chief principalities of Barmer at the time were Khed, Kiradu, Pachpadra, Jasol, Tilwara, Sheo, Balotara and Mallani. It was the Panwara clan, which had strong links with the Solanki dynasty of Gujarat, whose sphere of influence extended right across the Barmer region at the time. Later they wrested Mandore, which was the former capital of Jodhpur and held it for a while. Meanwhile, Khed and Mallani districts were captured by the Guhil Rajputs who were ruling over Mewar at the time.

In 1212AD Rao Siha, founder of the Rathore clan, conquered Khed in Barmer district and planted the Rathore flag in the area. The region was regained by the Guhil Rajput Pratap Singh, but was later reclaimed by the Rathore Rao Asthan. Not much is known about the history of Barmer for a while after that until a ruler Tribhuvansi ascended the throne, which led to fratricidal feud with his cousin Mallinath. The ambitious Mallinath (after whom the town of Mallani was later named) sought the assistance of the Sultanate ruling at Delhi at the time and defeated Tribhuvansi’s army in 1374.


Air: Nearest airport is Jodhpur

Rail: Barmer is well connected by train with Jodhpur.

Road: Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation connects Barmer with all major cities in the state. The Bus Stand is situated near Railway Station and Tilak Bus Stand connects Barmer with Jodhpur.


Shopping in Barmer is going to be a colorful experience because Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dances and music. Once on the ancient camel trade route, the town is now the center for woodcarving, pottery, carpets, intricate embroidery work, block printed fabrics and multi-hued traditional costumes with mirror work. This tiny town of Barmer is famous for its ethnic ware, which takes forms and shapes as embroidered fabric and pouches, rugs, blankets, shawls and carpets all beautifully patterned with mirrors. In Barmer, you get typical Ajrak prints, which are geometric, and in dark shades of red and blue, which are ideal for sun protection. The shops along the narrow lanes of colorful and lively Sadar Bazaar are the best shopping area in Barmer.


The hotels in Barmer are not wide ranging as the other cities in Rajasthan.However they compensate for the tremendous warmth and traditional hospitality.

The prominent hotels in Barmer are:

Kailash Sarovar Hotel
Krishna Hotel
Hotel Khartal (RTDC)
Dak Bungalow
Seva Sadan Dharamshala
Jain Dharamshala
Ranchhore Dharamshala
Sindhi Dharamshala

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Summer 23-46°C, Winter 10-20°C
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Aug - Feb
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Antique art & crafts



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