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Bhimbetka, known for rock painting site and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known to have the first traces of human existence in India. It is a rocky terrain of dense forest and craggy cliffs, bordered by the northern fringe of the Vindhyan ranges. Apart from the mystic beauty of nature, what brings Bhimbetka on the tourist map is the discovery of over 600 rock shelters belonging to the Neolithic age.

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It is believed that Bhima, one of the five Pandavas of Mahabharata, the Hindu Epic is associated with the location. Bhimbetka is hence named after Bhima. Legend has it that the name probably derived from the Pandava brother Bhima (from the Mahabharat) having used these rocks as a resting place (seat of Bhima). There are about 600 such caves; most times these are not caves but just rock overhangings & cliffs.


Air: Bhopal Airport, also known as Raja Bhoj Airport, is the nearest airport, which is 45 km away from Bhimbetka. Taxi Cab will charge about Rs 600, one way. Bhopal airport is connected to Mumbai, Indore, Gwalior and Delhi. International flights to Gulf cities like Sharjah and Dubai are operated from Bhopal.

Rail: Bhopal Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Bhimbetka. It has connection trains to all major cities in India. Daily Shatabdi expresses shuttle between Bhopal and Delhi.

Road: Madhya Pradesh road transport services are available in Bhimbetka connecting to near by cities. From Bhopal to Bhimbetka it costs about Rs 40. Luxury buses are available overnight from Delhi to Bhopal. Distance between Bhimbetka and Delhi is about 790 km.

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Summer 32-45°C, Winter 10-32°C
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September to March
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Bhimbetka rock shelters is known for rock painting site and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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