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Unakoti is a unique place, which can not be compared to any other place in the country in terms of absolute grandeur and artistry. It literally means one less than a crore and is one of the biggest bas-relief sculptures in India.


According to Hindu mythology, when Lord Siva was going to Kashi through this place, along with one crore other gods and goddesses, he spent a night here. He had asked his followers to wake up before sunrise and proceed for Kashi . But, unfortunately, no body woke up, except for Lord Siva himself . He cursed them to become stone images. That is why we have one less than a crore stone images there.


By Air: Kailasahwar town is connected with bi-weekly Indian Airlines flights from Agartala.

By Road: To get to Unakoti, one can hire a taxi from Agartala, the state capital.

170 kms from the capital city of Agartala